Saturday, October 25, 2014

#43 Sweet Potato Mac 'n' Cheese

Another vegan recipe and another from Chef Chloe.  I am really into her books right now since her new one Chloe's Vegan Italian came out and I've just been so inspired to try all of her recipes old and new!  This one is only found on her website.  It was similar to the last recipe except it's not baked and has the addition of sweet potato which is healthy (so I didn't feel guilty not having a side veg) and very tasty.  The recipe can be found here.

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kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Stacy, I think I am going to try this. I did try something similar from the Jessica Seinfeld book a few years ago and forgot about it. Love sweet potatoes too. They are one of those super foods too!