Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#20 Chloe's Vegan Mac N' Cheese

 Okay, well let's not fool anyone here.  This is not "real" mac and cheese.  It isn't even made with fake cheese.  But, as I attempt to go vegan one of the biggest hurdles facing me is finding a suitable substitute for my favourite food.  I've tried vegan macaroni and cheese once before I was sorely disappointed.  I believe the recipe was from one of Marilu Henner's cookbooks and it was just awful.  Plastic tasting guck!

This time though I can say I was more than pleasantly surprised.  First off I knew that this would not taste like cheese at all so I wasn't expecting much.  I tasted the sauce before mixing it with the noodles and it didn't really taste very good.  When all was said and done though and a little ground pepper was added it was actually pretty good. Even my youngest son, the pickiest of eaters declared it "not bad" and ate every bite!

I think it was the consistency that helped immensley.  It had that very creamy, comforting texture that is an absolute must in a good mac and cheese.  This is definitely one we will make again.

Recipe here.

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rebecca said...

ok, this looks really yummy vegan cheese or not.